The obsession is real
I remember buying my first camera. It was a second hand film camera and I diligently paid it off weekly for what seemed like an eternity at the time. Once I had eventually paid for my "new" camera I dragged my mother, and often my sister, around Cape Town to take photos. We were permanently "going shooting". We shot every flower in Kirstenbosch, every bird in the park and I am sure that you can imagine how my poor sister sat with a cheesy grin on her face for hours until I got "the perfect shot." Now that I know better I realise that we never did get the perfect shot, but they were both real troopers.

This was the beginning of a whole new passion for me and the "shutter bug" was firmly etched into my DNA from that point onwards.

Unfortunately, life sometimes has other plans for us it took me another 15 years to eventually follow my heart and ignore my head, but alas I finally get to fill my days with my camera in hand (or on a tripod) doing what I truly love.
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Client Reviews

Tara really made the photos of our new children's clothing range "come to life". I am very pleased with the end result and would definitely recommend her excellent service.
Serita - Karoo Kids Owner (23/07/2019)
What a difference the photographs made to my Amazon sales. I honestly couldn't be happier. The puppets jump out of the screen now.
Julie - Quiet time toys Owner (03/09/2018)
We are so happy with the end result of the items Lightbox shot for us. They turned out exactly as we wanted, uncluttered photos that show our products clearly. Great efficient service.
Sue - CX Interiors Team manager (24/01/2020)